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There are many Nehekharan gods and goddesses in the mythology of the Tomb Kings of Khemri, taking hundreds of different forms. These can include natural phenomena (stars, moon, sun etc.) or animals of the desert. Most of their gods are only remembered because of blessing on the military, as all gods relating to average life have been nullified since normal life was destroyed by the curse of Nagash.

The gods are represented in a way similar to most cultures, but very different at the same time. The Ushabti statues are designed in the form of their gods, and as such inspire faith in the warriors, for to see their gods marching at their side to battle strengthened their bony resolve. They are animated by the Liche Priests prior to the battle.

The Gods

There are many gods, some of which are evil by nature, some good, and some a combination of both, choosing one when it suits them. Some of these are:

  • Asaph - Goddess of beauty, magic and vengeance. [2a]
  • Khsar - God of the desert
  • Djaf - God of Jackals and death
  • Phakth - God of Hawks. [2a]
  • Ptra - God of the Sun, symbolises immortality and eternity. [2a]
  • Shapesh - God of the underworld
  • Usirian - Another god of the underworld[1]
  • Qu'aph
  • Ualatp - God of Vultures
  • Sokth - God of Poisoners.
  • Pha'a
  • Usekph

Godly forms

It is said that the gods walked the earth before the coming of man, and that their lives numbered in the millions of years. Eventually they turned into spiritual, ghostly forms and sometimes take the form of animals to interact with the world. Some never took form, and as such they are the worst of the gods, used in the most potent curses. Some of these are: [2a]

  • Asaph - Asp [2a]
  • Khsar - Desert Wind, known as 'The Faceless'
  • Djaf - Jackal-headed god. [2a]
  • Phakth - Hawks. [2a]
  • Ptra - Human riding a chariot across the sky. [2a]
  • Shapesh - none known
  • Qu'aph - Cobra. [2a]
  • Ualatp - Vulture. [2a]
  • Sokth - Scorpion. [2a]
  • Pha'a - No form. [2a]
  • Usekph - No form. [2a]

Most cities have temples to many gods, and usually a major temple to the deity which blesses their city. One of these is Lybaras, containing a monumental temple to Asaph, the Asp goddess, in honour of her saving the life of High Queen Khalida Neferher from a vampiric existence.

Symbolic items

Certain objects, usually magical, are related to a god in some way. Some of these include:


The Ushabti guardian statues are carved into the likeness of the gods and goddess of Nehekhara - with Djaf, Phakth and Pta being the most common representations. [2a]


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