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Neues Emskrank is a town and port of Nordland in the Empire. [1a]


Old Emskrank was a small fishing village in the Imperial province of Nordland. [1a]

A grand plan was behind the creation of Neues Emskrank as trading port and hub that might one day rival the power and influence of Marienburg. A chamber of wealthy and powerful men ensured that investment flooded into the project. [1b]

Initially a impressive man-made quay was constructed on the opposite bank of the River Salz from the older fishing village and soon warehouses, offices, and dwellings were constructed in orderly, modern rows complying with strict building regulations. A formidable defensive wall was constructed to protect the site from attack from the land, and an imposing castle built to deter any assault from the sea. [1b]

However it was quickly discovered that compared with Marienburg, the great disadvantage of Neues Emskrank was that goods arriving had then to be carried over land to get them beyond Nordland. Goods were either unloaded at the port to be shipped out by caravan or they were loaded onto smaller river boats that travelled up the River Salz to the provincial capital of Salzenmund. In addition the road from Salzenmund to Neues Emskrank is famously hazardous and prone to bandits and forest spirits. [1b]


The town is officially under the jurisdiction of the Elector Count of Nordland, Theodoric Gausser, but effectively the power is held by the Neues Emskrank League. [1b]


  • Geld Prospekt: Designed to give the wealthy merchants grand sea views and living space away from the laboring masses, but only a few ostentatious and tasteless mansions were ultimately built. [1b]
  • Grosse Nordlander Stadt: Terraces of small family houses, built to accommodate the masses of workers who were supposed to flock to the city. [1b]
  • Imperial Docks: Rows of warehouses line the quayside like so many military barracks and loading and unloading goods here is always impressively quick and efficient with the stevedores being enthusiastic and hard working. Many a sea captain docking his vessel here reports finding the whole experience a bit unsettling as they don’t even have to bribe anyone! The area includes the Dockers, Riverworkers, and Seamen’s Guild house. [1b]
  • Karl Franz Stadt: Designed to be similar to Grosse Nordlander Stadt but but little actual construction was ever started. Some of the area is currently being used to billet the Grevenfeld Company mercenaries. [1b]
  • Leaping Salmon: The towns only Inn. [1b]
  • Leopoldschloss: A keep of four storeys with an additional perimeter wall and home to the Neues Emskrank Company of the 1st Nordlander Handgunners, known as Leopold’s Lions, who have been charged with the city’s defence. [1b]
  • Magnusstrasse': The Main street, flanked by grand buildings. [1b]
  • Old Emskrank: Perched high upon cliffs overlooking the Sea of Claws, it benefited from a sheltered cove, protected from the worst elements by a cape that locals called Manann’s Nose. The buildings are low stone affairs blending with the cliff top and the narrow, steep streets provide a a stark contrast to the flat, wide roads of Neues Emskrank. In an effort to encourage the villagers to join the Neues Emskrank project, the Elector Count made it against the law to live in the old town but this has not been enthusiastically enforced. [1b]
  • Theodoric Gausser Platz: Central square with temples to Handrich, Mannan and Sigmar plus the Neues Emskrank League Hall. [1b]
    • Temple of Mannan: A huge building with three grand spires. [1b]
    • The Old Temple: An old Temple of Manann which had also suffered from the creation of Neues Emskrank as a grand new temple was built in the new town. Consequently the old one, an ancient stone structure right on the cliff’s edge, spectacularly overlooking the sea, was largely forgotten. [1b]
    • The True Kipper The old town’s only proper inn catering to the rare travellers that came through but now it is just a haunt of ageing locals and diehard fishermen and sees almost no passing trade. [1b]
  • Sigmar's Nose: A artificial sea wall that is supposed to calm the waters of the Sea of Claws but when the waters get up, the structure does more harm than good, causing wild riptides and churning whirlpools. [1b]


  • Emil Paxmann: A a senior member of the Neues Emskrank League. [2c]
  • Emma Pflegerin: Elderly itinerant Shallyan priest who has served the local community selflessly for years. [2c]


Curse the day I first heard of Neues Emskrank. Come to Neues Emskrank, they said, opportunities abound, riches are waiting to be found. The new Marienburg, they said. It would have been a slightly slower way to lose my fortune had I simply tipped my gold into the Salz by the barrow load. I blame those Marienburgers. You don’t think those greedy schemers are just going to let something like this succeed, do you? They’ve been sabotaging things since the beginning.

~ Henrik von Fauschlag, impoverished wine trader.[2b]

I disagree with those who say the place is a failure. You only have to look around to see how much is yet to be done, how much might still be achieved. Look how much space there is here. Look how much room for expansion. That’s the best thing about Neues Emskrank not living up to expectations just yet, there is even more potential for it to live up to expectations in the future!.

~ Dieter Kaufmann, optimistic timber merchant.[2b]



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