Night's Dark Masters

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Night's Dark Masters
Night's Dark Masters 001.jpg
Author(s) Steven Darlington and Jody Macgregor
Cover Artist Andrea Uderzo Andrew Law
Released 2007
Pages 144
ISBN 978-1-84416-313-7

Night's Dark Masters is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) published by Black Industries.


  • Introduction:
  • Chapter One: The Prey: How the people of the World see Vampires, including popular myths, stories, legends, poems and sonnets. It also describes a number of vampire hunters- both individuals and organisations.
  • Chapter Two: A Mockery of Life: The scholarly studies into the Vampire, information that the well informed in the world might know or be able to access.
  • Chapter Three: Chronicles of the Undying: The creation of Vampires by Neferata and their stories through the ages. Includes a timeline.
  • Chapter Four: Nature of the Beast: The physical and varied nature of the vampire, strengths and weakness’s, how they feed and create new children in darkness and their psychology.
  • Chapter Five: The Bloodlines: A description of the five known bloodlines - the descendants of Neferata and the other original vampires Abhorash, Ushoran, Vashanesh and W'soran, a description of the Blood Dragons, Lahmians, Necrarchs, Strigoi and Von Carsteins - their habits and motivations and notable members.
  • Chapter Six: Native soil: An in depth description of the province of Sylvania, its people, beliefs and notable characters.
  • Chapter Seven: Rules of the Night: Game rules for Vampires and Vampire hunters.
  • Chapter Eight: The Vampire Campaign: A discussion and advice on how to run a vampire based campaign.
  • Chapter Nine: Creatures of the Night: A bestiary of creatures found in the company or service of the undead.
  • Index


I do not care what our prey thinks of us. Do you consider what opinion meat has of you?

~ Constantin von Carstein.