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Fanatic attacking Dwarfs

Night Goblin Fanatics are Night Goblins wielding a great ball and chain, so large that it would be impossible for a Goblin to pick up in usual circumstances. [1a][2a]

However, having drank a special brew made with the rare Mad Cap fungus, the Fanatic's strength is boosted beyond belief. With the added strength the Night Goblin is able to swing the ball round and round in a whirlwind of destruction. [1a][2a]

The Night Goblin is unaware of what is actually going on around him and must be carried into battle by his comrades. When the enemy is close enough the Night Goblins push the fanatic out of their unit, giving him a good shove to start him off in the right direction. Free at last the Fanatic begins twirling around, swinging the ball and chain in a dizzy circle of death. The Fanatic, in his stupor, doesn't have a clue where he is going and will happily plough through his own troops as well as the enemy.[1a][2a]

Eventually the swirling fanatic will come to rest, often having throttled himself, smashed into a pulp by hitting something too solid or sitting in an exhausted heap with a huge grin on his face. [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: Ball & Chain. [1b]




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