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Nighthaunts are tormented and bitter spirits that leave nothing but withered corpses in their wake.


Gateways to the underworld that lurk beneath the Realm of Shyish discharge malignant spirits that gather together in hatred and rage to form nighthaunt armies. Cairn Wraiths only joy comes from the souls they reap with their scythes, many being murderers or merciless executioners whereas Tomb Banshees are betrayed spirits and whose piercing scream can freeze the heart of a living warrior. Hexwraiths were once knights cruel and proud who once again bring terror and death to the living whilst Black Coaches contain a forsaken soulblight vampire that seeks to gather power to escape its prison. Clouds of spirit hosts are full of rage and hate, the souls of the damned that have lost all identity and seek to express their unending rage at the living. [1]

Nighthaunts come in hundreds of varieties but most can be categorised into a dozen broad groupings such as Chainrasp Hordes and Dreadscythe Harridans. [3a]

These spirits can be created in several ways, one is the necro-maledictus – a curse on a soul recently separated from its physical form, forcing it to remain and haunt the Mortal Realms for eternity. Drifting pockets of amethyst magic or deep deposits of grave sand can also bring them into existence. [3a]

Most are created by Nagash or his followers, using the necromantic magics he has perfected and which the Collegiate Arcane believe he created. All such spirits suffer an ironic punishment, as the god of the dead inflicts a penance for crimes either real or perceived. So a criminal seeking escape through death may find himself in undeath still bound by spiritual chains. [3a]

The curse of the Nighthaunt cannot be easily broken. Even though the necromantic forces holding together the spectral bodies can be broken by sorcery or violence driven by sufficient willpower, over time their shattered essence reforms in the underworlds. Few weapons or spells in the mortal realms can destroy a Nighthaunt once and for all.[3a]


Age of Myth

Nighthaunts have haunted the Mortal Realms since the Age of Myth often seeking vengeance on the living themselves or serving more powerful entities such as Soulblight vampires. Occasional in this almost forgotten age, a host of Nighthaunts would arise and devour entire towns. [3b]

Age of Chaos

Nagash summons the spirits of the entire underworld of Nordyrie, part of Hallost following a defeat by a daemonic horder of Khorne at the Battle of Dirge Peak. These former herores rise up and destroy the daemons with only their leader, the Bloodthirster Khazkhan escaping their wrath. [3d]

Idoneth Deepkin raiders enter the Vale of Chains and accidently release a host of spectres cursed by Nagash to be held and tortured there for eternity. The wraiths seek revenge on both the lord of death and the living. [3d]

Following the defeat of Nagash by Archaon, most of the dead are subjugated, imprisoned or destroyed – but the Nighthaunts including such forces as the Glowing Host and the Grimguard remain effective. [3d]

Age of Sigmar

During the Necroquake there is a huge rise in nighthaunt attacks on the living, with hosts nearly overwhelming the Stormcast defending Phoenicium but grew distracted with tormenting the population of the city. Gnarlok, a Sylvaneth fortress was conquered but the ghiests ignored the magical woadstone that it guarded and beastmen were able to take control of it. [3c]

Nagash decided that in order to fully exploit their power, the nighthaunt hosts needed a commander to control and direct them. So it was that he created a new Mortarch to join the trio of lieutenants that served him and commanded his legions. Having once curse the lady Olynder now he sought her out again and gave her a sliver of his divinity. [3c]

Her first great act was to send out a siren call, a soulful lamentation that summoned them back to the Realm of Shyish and her service. From all across the Realms, they came and she formed them into mighty legions or Processions with a Knight of Shrouds to command each spectral host. [3c]

Then she unleashed them against the enemies of her lord, launching attacks first against those who sought to command the Underworld of Lyria. She defeated the hosts of the Chaos warlord Thur and Stormcast Eternals at the siege of Morlaix, her sub commanders reclaiming the Calcified Realmgate and the Mausoleum Mountains. [3c] On occasion, Processions form brief alliances with Flesh-eater Courts as the dead seek to reclaim Ossia but after each successful campaign, the spectres turn on and destroy the ghouls. [3d]


The legions or spectral hosts under the command of Lady Olynder are known as Processions, gathered initially by her siren call of lament and held together by her will or that of her chosen lieutenants. Some processions are constantly being changed or reformed as their Mortarch wills, others are the spirits of a given area or locale that have flocked together and remain in unison.[3e]


  • The Blood Mavens: Dominated by red haired Dreadscythe Harridans.[3e]
  • The Glowing Host: Led by many Tomb Banshees, these spirits glow like their home in the Glittering Marsh[3e]


At the top of the hierarchy of the Nighthaunt lies Lady Olynder, the Mortarch of Grief. Beneath her lies other notable commanders like Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King, Reikenor the Grimhailer, the Briar Queen of Shadespire and Morwyrt Blackheart.[3e]

Beneath the commanders in the hierarchy of lies a Shroudguard, composed of Knights of Shrouds guarded by Bladegheist Revenants. Beneath the the Shroudguard lies others types of formations like the Chainguard, the Condemned, the Deathriders, the Death Stalkers, Execution Hordes and Shrieker Hosts.[3e]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Briar Queen Nighthaunt Mirrorghast Banshee Malignant Once a powerful Deathmage, she is now a Banshee stalking the cursed city of Shadespire and the Mortal Realms.
Olynder Nighthaunt Mortarch of Grief Malignant The Mortarch of Grief. Joint-general of the Nighthaunt processions, alongside her husband Kurdoss.
Celemnis Nighthaunt Tomb Banshee Malignant The Swordmaiden of the Argent Sisterhood and a renowned weaponsmith throughout Anvrok she helped the Stormcast during the Heldenhammer Crusade to get revenge on Ephryx.
Keldrek Nighthaunt Knight of Shrouds Malignant The Knight of Shrouds, Emissary of the Prime Innerlands. Herald of Death.
Omphalo Dohl Nighthaunt Guardian of Souls Malignant A Guardian of Souls in the service of Pharus Thaum at the siege of Glymmsforge
Reikenor Nighthaunt Grimhailer Malignant The Grimhailer, he was once a powerful Sorcerer-king before his attempts to defeat mortality attracted the attention of Nagash.
Entyr Rocha Nighthaunt Lord Executioner Malignant Once a Lady of the Fourth Circle and formerly High Executioner of Helstone.
Sabrodt Nighthaunt Knight of Shrouds Malignant He turned to Nagash to give the power to betray his twin brother and take the kingdom of Kharza.
Kurdoss Valentian Nighthaunt Craven King Malignant The Craven King. A man who in life longed to be King, and in Undeath wears a hollow crown.
Varclav the Cruel Nighthaunt Chainrasp Majordomo Malignant Once the High Warden of the Nightvault of Shadespire, he now serves the Briar Queen
White Witch Nighthaunt Tomb Banshee Malignant The dreaded White Witch of the Ulwhyr, taker of children.


Image Unit Faction Grand

Black Coach M01.jpg
Black Coach Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Bladegheist Revenant M01.jpeg
Bladegheist Revenant Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Briar Queen M01.jpg
Briar Queen Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Cairn Wraith M01.jpg
Cairn Wraith Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Chainghast M02.jpg
Chainghast Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Chainrasp M01.jpg
Chainrasp Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Dreadblade Harrow M01.jpg
Dreadblade Harrow Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Dreadscythe Harridan M01.jpeg
Dreadscythe Harridan Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Glaivewraith Stalker M01.jpg
Glaivewraith Stalker Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Grimghast Reaper M01.jpg
Grimghast Reaper Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Guardian of Souls M01.jpg
Guardian of Souls Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Hexwraith M01.jpg
Hexwraith Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Knight of Shrouds M01.jpg
Knight of Shrouds Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed M01.jpg
Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Kurdoss M01.jpg
Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Black Coach M01 FB.jpg
Legion Black Coach Nighthaunt Death Battletome: Legions of Nagash (2018) warscroll
Lord Executioner M01.jpg
Lord Executioner Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Myrmourn Banshee M01.jpg
Myrmourn Banshee Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Olynder M01.jpg
Olynder, Mortarch of Grief Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Reikenor M01.jpg
Reikenor the Grimhailer Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Spirit Host M01.jpg
Spirit Host Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Spirit Torment M01.jpg
Spirit Torment Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Thorns of the Briar Queen M01.jpg
Thorns of the Briar Queen Nighthaunt Death Warscroll
Tomb Banshee M01.jpeg
Tomb Banshee Nighthaunt Death Warscroll

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