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Nitocris was a queen of the Southlands and a vampire in the World-that-Was. [1]

Unlike her queen and akin to many other vampires she was vulnerable to sunlight. She was never to meet her sisters in darkness and did not favour all the methods of her beloved queen, for instance alerting her enemies to her coming. [1c]

Vampire sisters that betrayed or sought to usurp her were confined in stone sarcophagi. [1f]


She was dark skinned with night black hair and ash hued veins streaking across her flesh. When she went to war she wore red iron bracers and greaves, a cuirass made from the scaly hide of a Lizardman and sandals created from the sinews of a river crocodile. [1a]


Nitocris was born during a battle as her mother fought invaders on the palisade and was raised to be a chieftain, leading raids against other tribes in the swamp lands. Later she would unite the tribes against an invasion from Ind and would avenge her mother’s death, killing the warriors of Khorne who had slain her. [1a]

In time she was turned into a vampire by Neferata herself, who also gave her false memories and dreams of her ancient home Lahmia, the City of the Dawn. Handmaidens from a dozen tribes were offered, first as reluctant tribute and then later fighting for the right to serve in un-death. Neferata sent her an ancient Nehekharan sword which had shed the blood of High Queen Khalida. [1a]

A war against Chaos worshippers gave her an ancient temple city of the saurian’s as a home and centre of power as well as the diminished survivors as servants. Raiding a slave convoy, she had released the necromancer Octavia who had joined the entourage of the queen and in turn grew in power as she studied the Corpse Geometries, raising an entire fleet of sunken ships and their crews for her. [1a]

She orchestrated the destruction of her own outpost at Mangrove Port by Zabbai, the spear of Asaph and champion of Khalida, [1b] hoping to set the tomb fleets of Lybaras and Mahrak against each other. Then she had Octavia raise a great horde of the walking dead from the many armies that had died in the jungle. [1c]

Using the blade gifted to her, she tasked the necromancer with casting a spell, the Chains of Usirian to bind Khalida. [1c] Then she mustered her armies of the dead, ghoul tribes and her navy and marched on Lybaras on a newly created Terrorgheist. [1e]

When she reached the walls of the city she fought Rhupesh, the Tiger of the High Wall before Khalida herself came forth. [1g] There she learnt that she was just a pawn in game between the two ancient queens and that Neferata had sent one hundred and thirty-six before her to take Lahmia, each with a token that meant something to them but had no power. [1h]

The queen choose Gotrek Gurnisson as a champion, saying that Nitocris was not worthy of a duel. Despite previously being badly wounded by the vampire, the Slayer took her head. [1h]


I have spent centuries preparing for this. Centuries scheming and wondering if victory was possible. Centuries yearning for the chance to match blades and fangs with the false serpent of Lybaras. Centuries not knowing if I would be worthy of travelling beyond the desert, to the lands of spice and honey. I could have beaten you by myself, with my handmaidens for an audience. I could have broken you across my knee the minute my queen charged me with the task! I lost so much time. Can you not even give me a challenge worthy of me? Can you not make this all mean something?

~ Nitocris to Khalida .[1h]


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