Njord Brondt

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Njord Brondt is a duardin Captain from Barak-Mhornar[1c] and who is commander of the Zank, a a Makaisson-class Hauler.[1a]


A duardin dressed in battered, midnight-blue aeronautic gear, over a tan uniform, his is further protected by a dark coat of some slick-looking material, with thick fur cuffs and collar. What little of his face that can be seen within the bristly thicket of iron-grey hair and beard is burnt bronze by the wind and weather. Usually he has a smouldering cheroot between thick, yellow teeth.[1a]


He has a long association with Zana Mathos, a sell-sword and agent of Grungni with whom he trades favours and reasonably good natured insults. She enlisted his help in the search for the Eight Lamentations.[1]


A speculator, let’s say. I come before the miners. To see what there is to see. A good life, if you’re of a certain turn of mind. We’re not the only ones who hunt Aether-gold. The harkraken and other, worse things, eat it. No idea why, since they prey on flesh as well as aether. They can smell it for leagues and they’ll go after a ship carrying it quicker than you can spit.

~ Brondt to Owain Volker.[1b]