Nurgle's Rot

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Nurgle's Rot is a magical disease created by the Chaos God Nurgle, the father of plagues and embodiment of entropy and despair.

Those who catch the horrid illness will slowly rot away and die. As their body is engulfed in putrid boils and sores, their soul is claim by father Nurgle and transformed into a Plaguebearer[1a], one of the rank-and-file daemons of Nurgle. Nurgle's Rot is extremely contagious, Nurgle considers it his best work. However devout minions such as Ku'gath Plaguefather continue to try and improve the plagues of Nurgle.[1b]

It is said that when a mortal contracts the Rot, a boil-seed sprouts on the branches of one of the mouldering willow trees within Nurgle's Garden. It grows andd swells until when the infected finally expire, the soul is sucked into the fruit and a new Plaguebearer emerges as it in turn bursts apart. [2a]


The victim's flesh becomes bloated and turns green, phelgm drips from the increasingly limp mouth as hair and teeth fall out. Flesh rots and falls off and a foul stench is emitted. Eventually the infected no longer feels pain from their degrading body, the mood of despair becomes so intense that it seems like joy. [2b]


There is no known treatment and Imperial authorities in the Empire have destroyed and burned entire villages after a single infected person with the Rot is found. [2a]