Nurgling in the Mortal Realms

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Nurglings are tiny, malevolent, diseased daemon mites of Nurgle, miniature facsimiles of that noisome god and the very personification or a pustule or boil.[2]


Nurgling are born in the parts of rotting bowels of Great Unclean Ones where they swell with pus and contagion. As it matures inside the greater daemon it feeds on his filth until it pops outs.[2]


They are wriggling little horned beasts covered in sores, cuts, lumps and opened orifices. They have tiny teeth as sharp as razor.[2]

These creatures usually gather in swarming, tottering towers.[2]


These creatures often hide in sewers, fissures and the innards of larger nurglite daemons and mortals.[1a]


The nurglings are quite powerful despite their diminuitive size, overcoming their enemies with the weight of numbers or infectious foulness. Their teeth leave festering wounds that don't kill directly, but lead to long, disease-ridden demises. They attack like a stinking tide, burying their foes beneath wave after wave of their bloated little bodies.[2][1a]