Oakenbrow Glade

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A Tree Revenant of Clan Naeth'aer at the Battle of the Greatstump

Oakenbrow Glade are said to the First Glade, planted early in the Age of Myth by Alarielle herself.[1]


Oakenbrow is a old and vast Glade, comprised of hundreds of smaller clans, which themselves are large in size. They have a reputation for wholesomeness and nobility, though even some of their own kind, notably sylvaneth of Dreadwood Glade and Gnarlroot Glade also call them arrogant. They have forged strong bonds with many other races across the Mortal Realms and in particular see the Stormcast Eternals as kindred spirits. The Loremasters of the glade are also well respected for their knowledge.[1]

Oakenbrow wargroves are blessed by large numbers of Treelords, many of truly venerable age and power and they are renowned for their resilience and unrelenting advance.[1]


In the Age of Sigmar, the glade took in the last sons of the Behemat, the zodiacal gargant and the glade joined with Ironbark Glade to defeat the Poxfang Tide, purifying a stretch of the Cascading Path.[1]

Known Clans

  • Clan Erith'or: [1]
  • Clan Nathir: Their Tree-Revenants have golden hair and pale barkflesh that echoes the appearance of the mysterious Protectors.[1]
  • Clan Naeth’aer:[1]
  • Clan Vaeldoth: [1]


  • Haaldhorm, Treelord Ancient: the Wrathsinger of Clan Naeth'ar with a timeless hatred for the gods and minions of Chaos. The most ancient of the Sylvaneth.[1]


The Ancient and the noble, the just and the good. Paragons they are, of virtue and of law, whose deeds are governed always by the solemn code of their might king.

~ Oakenbrow Glade.[1]