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A map of the Mountains of Mourn showing the Ogre Kingdoms.
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The Ogre Kingdoms lie in the harsh and desolate Mountains of Mourn, a range far to the east of the Old World, across the World's Edge Mountains and the Dark Lands. The primary inhabitants are Ogres themselves, however there are also Gnoblars and a great many ferocious beasts.


The Ogre Kingdoms lie within the desolate Mountains of Mourn, or more particularly, within the craggy valleys between the mountains themselves. The Kingdoms are a large collection of dictatorships, each ruled by its own Tyrant, who is the invariably the largest and most brutish and domineering of all the Ogres he rules over. The boundaries of an individual kingdom extend as far as the ruling Tyrant can see.

Beasts of the Ogre Kingdoms

In addition to the Ogres and their Gnoblar servants, the mountainous Ogre Kingdoms are host to a large number of dangerous creatures, such as Stonehorns, Thundertusks, Mournfangs, Rhinoxes, Sabretusks, Yhetees, Gorgers and Giants.

Ogre tribes

The Ogres of the Ogre Kingdoms are organized into various Ogre tribes.

Forces of the Ogre Kingdoms

When the Ogre Kingdoms march to war, they do so with a variety of units.


Core units

Special units

Rare units

Notable Ogres


Ogre Kingdoms
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