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Mercenary Ogre

Mercenary Ogres are powerful, resliant and ferocious if not too bright - in other words the perfect mercenaries. [1a]

Although they require large amounts of food, they will also eat almost anything. [1a] In fact an Ogres ideal life is constant fighting and eating - often both at the same time. [2a]

Mercenary Ogres tend to quickly pick up mannerisms of the region and culture they are currently residing in, but seldom understand subtle nuances. They will wear similar clothing to their employers and even something of their fighting styles, however they always remain Ogres! [3a]

A Ogre Mercenary is really concerned with two things - their reputation as a fighter and where their next meal is coming from. Whilst they may ignore or even laugh off jibes, they will not abide insults about their prowess in eating or fighting as their reputation gains work and work means meat! [3a]


Ogres will work for greenskins, although they are aware they are untrustworthy and don't always keep a good table. [3a]

In the Empire they usually travel on their own or small bands as large numbers of Ogres can cause panic and fearful people are less liekly to approach them for work - which leads to empty plates! [3a]


Around -300 IC, the tribes in what would become Averland employ the services of wandering Ogres. Sigmar himself employs them and gains a excellent reputation amongst the Ogres: Big slim Sigmar keeps a grand table. [3b]

When Tilea is invaded by a huge greenskin horde, many Ogres join the mercenary army and at the Battle of Pugno, the dogs of war rout the enemy, helping to form Tilea's ongoing military doctrine. [3b]

Count Mandred hires many bands of Ogres in his war against the Skaven between 1123-1124 IC - after the final battle, Mercenary Captain Nogrud Neverfull declares he has had enuff o' rat, slim. [3b]

A large band of Ogre hunters enter the Forest of Shadows in 1528 IC to cull the beastmen within and regularly return from its depths to collect their bounty with hundreds of skulls as proof. [3b]

During the Great War Against Chaos, entire tribes of Ogres take to the mercenary life and some never return home, enjoying the wandering life. [3b]

Graf Haldebrand hires many Ogres to deal with Bretonnian knights during the Third Parravon War and this proves very successful, enabling him to besiege Parravon itself. [3b]



Many Ogres are natural wanderers, travelling, fightng and eating. If asked why they are so far from their homelands they are likely to reply with I felt like takin' a bit of walk or something similar. [3a]

Consequently they are drawn to the life of a mercenary as it enables them to not only enjoy fighting and eating but being paid to do so! It is often a source of amazement that slims are willing to pay them for what they do for free at home. [3a]

Some Ogres just become bandits and even mercenary bands are not averse to a bit of raiding if they can get away with it. However there are also Ogre Mercenary bands that specalise in hunting down (and eating) their bandit kin. [3a]


Orges are fully aware of their own value as fighters and understand the value of gold but few comprehend any value in brass or silver. The standard daily wage for an Ogre Mercenary is a a third of a cow amd a keg of ale and whilst they will not usually charge danger money they will charge extra for fighting Daemons and the undead as there is little or no food to be had at the end of a battle. [3a]

Weapons and Equipment

Like all Ogres, they have a favourite club, often modified with spikes, vicious razors, iron or steel bands. They seldom bother with armour except for a properly decorated gut plate[3c]

  • 3rd Edition:: Hand Weapon. May have Additional Hand Weapon, Double Handed Weapon, Flail, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Light Armour, Spear, Shield. May have Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer. .[2a]
  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon. May have Additional Hand Weapon, Great Weapon, Light Armour. [1a]




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