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A sacred place of the Old Faith.

The Old Faith is a religion revolving around nature and natural forces. It is the oldest religion of the Old World, but these days it has been largely overshadowed by newer cults.


Followers of the Old Faith worship no deity in the conventional sense. Although there is the concept of a Mother Goddess which symbolises the earth and the fertility of nature, devotees generally concern themselves with the forces of nature on a smaller scale.

Holy days are the summer and winter solstices, and the spring and autumn equinoxes. Lesser holy days are associated with full and new moons.


The Old Faith still survives in the least advanced parts of the Old World, mainly in the north and west. Followers of the Old Faith are Druids and many rangers. "Sacred groves", which are small clearings in the depths of forests, serve as places of meeting and worship in the Old Faith. Ancient sites such as stone circles and barrows are also associated with the Old Faith.

In the Old World, the Old Faith is generally regarded with a secret awe. Relations are best with the cult of Taal, as he is the husband of Rhya, who is a form of the Mother.

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