Old Mother Crumhorn

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Old Mother Crumhorn

Old Mother Crumhorn is a Witch living in Marienburg. [1a]

She has quite a reputation in the local area, looked on with both fear and fascination and children are warned to be obedient lest they be sold to her to make glue or something equally unpleasent! Few would ever admit to visiting her but she has many customers, often the young and impressionable. [1b]


Ancient with matted, tangled grey hair and skin like badly-tanned leather with a large wart to the left of her nose. [1a]


Her house just off Potion Square is more than a century old and she has lived within it for as long as anyone can remember but no-one recalls her being young or even middle-aged. [1b]


Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP 1st Ed: Blackie the Crow, Dagger, Gnarled Walking Stick, Jewel of Power (Change of Allegiance Spell), Ring of Protection (vs Humans). [1b]
  • Blackie the Crow: Bound Lesser Daemon in the form of a small, seedy but, malevolent looking crow. [1c]
  • Gnarled Walking Stick: Animated magical weapon that causes Fear and can absorb spells used against her. [1b]


Ah, now let me see. A pinch of dust from a suicide's grave, some dried bats' ears, and just a touch of fennel to take the taste away. And a pinch of this - but you don't really want to know what that is, now do you? What's the matter, my pretty? Lost your appetite?

~ Old Mother Crumhorn. [1a]


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