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The Old World pantheon consists of two divine families, as well as many other minor deities.

One family, sometimes known as the "town gods" or the "southern gods", consists of Morr, Verena, Shallya, Myrmidia, and Khaine.

The other family is known as the "country gods" or "northern gods", and consists of Taal, Rhya, Manann, and Ulric.

The town gods are associated with aspects of civilisation, and the country gods with the forces of nature. The major Old World deities are held to be related and/or married to each other. This creates a common pantheon in the Old World which has existed since ancient times.

The oldest religion is the mysterious Old Faith. It is the original, primordial religion of the Old World, and considerably older than any of the present gods. It is still followed in the more rural areas.

The northern gods, or elder gods
  • Taal, husband of Rhya
  • Rhya, wife of Taal
  • Ulric, younger brother of Taal
The southern gods, or classical gods

These deities are worshipped as a pantheon throughout the Old World. The gods are behind all the forces of the world and all gods are given more or less equal respect. Outside of clergy members and others who devote themselves to a single god, most Old Worlders do not hold any particular god above any other, but pray to the appropriate god when their favour is needed. All gods are powerful forces and to show disrespect is to invite disaster upon everyone. Those who are openly disrespectful are often lynched.

Minor gods

Minor gods have much more limited followings as they are generally the patrons of specific places such as a single town or river.

While Sigmar is a major deity of The Empire, beyond its borders he is worshipped only by Imperial expatriates. Similarly, the Lady of the Lake is a major deity of the kingdom of Bretonnia, where she is worshipped by the nobility, while outside of this kingdom she is largely unknown and ignored.


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