Omdra the Dread

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Omdra the Dread is a ancient Nightmare Dragon that haunts the Plain of Bone. [1]

For many centuries, the great dragon had laired in the Plain of Bone , waring against the Chaos Dwarfs who dared to disturb her.[1a]

Finally after a great battle with the Choas Lord Tamurkhan, the Lord of the Black Fortress, Drazhoath the Ashen struck a bargin with him to unite against the great dragon.[1a]

A titanic struggle commenced for not only was Omdra a vast and powerful creature but she was also a powerful sorceress, capable of raising the dead dragons in her defence. Although she, her undead wryms and her Crypt Ghoul worshippers slaughtered thousands, she was badly wounded and driven off, seeking to heal.[1a]