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An Orc Boar Chariot is a crude contraption created by the Orcs as a weapon of war.[1]

Not only are they hard hitters, but they look good. Many Orcs often attach shields and other trophies to their chariots, making their chariot stand out as important. The rest of the army ignores these show-offs, often by throwing rocks, sticks, and smaller members of their unit.[1]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: Chariot with Scythed Wheels pulled by two Boars and crewed by two Goblins or Orcs, each with Chainmail and Hand Weapon. May have Bows, Javelins and two more Boars. [3a]



  • In 2nd Edition, Goblins as well as Orcs could use Boar Chariots.[3a]


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