Orcs & Goblins magic items

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Magic Weapons

  • Shaga's Screaming Sword: This Orc blade is absolutely fearsome in combat.
  • Wollopa's One Hit Wunda: As the name suggests, its magic can only be used once. When it is used, however, the blows can completely crush the enemies into paste, something not even Dragons are capable of.

Enchanted Items

  • Warboss Imbad's Iron Gnashas: These items can literally rip apart the enemy in one use.
  • Triksy Trinket: The cunning Goblin enchantments easily nullify enemies' arcane wards, no matter how powerful.

Magic Banners

  • Mork's Spirit Totem: The power of Mork can easily still the hostile Winds of Magic and protect the Greenskins from hostile sorcery.