Order Draconis

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Order Draconis are the Aelf lords and ladies who ride immortal dragons and purebred steeds to war are a mighty force, even in the hallowed Realm of Azyr.[1]


Many of the Mortal Realms were ruled by Dragon lords and ladies until the Age of Chaos and the devastation that wrought upon all but some still endured in the realm of Ayzr or fought on in the realms, matching sword, skill and steed against the forces of Chaos. Now the gates of Azyr are open again, those in exile look to re-join their lost kin, riding out to war with Stormcast Eternals, Devoted of Sigmar and even the Dispossessed.[1]



Image Unit Faction Grand
Dragon Prince M01.jpg Dragon Blade Order Draconis Order Warscroll
High Elf Prince and Noble M01.jpg Dragon Noble Order Draconis Order Warscroll
High Elf Prince on Dragon M01.jpg Dragonlord Order Draconis Order Warscroll


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