Order of Azyr

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The most holy Order of Azyr is an organisation of Witch Hunters and their associates who seek out the enemies of Sigmar within his realm and beyond.

They are feared for their power and brutality. [1a]



Every story you’ve heard is true. Every one. Where we see perfidy, the Order excises it with sword and flame. Those that would eat away at the heart of this great civilisation will die screaming. Those that choose to aid such schemes, or who avert their gaze through cowardice or disloyalty will meet a fate no kinder. I tell you this so you harbour no illusions as to the lengths I will go to protect this city – if you cross me, you are ash and memories, and even those I will seek to eradicate. Do you understand?

~ Hanniver Toll to Armand Callis.[1a]