Order of Vaul

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The Order of Vaul is a priesthood of High Elves that worshipped the Smith God Vaul. Its followers ritually blinded themselves upon entry into their ranks with this act having a much greater meaning than simply depriving them of their eyesight. Whilst they lose their vision, they gain something much greater as these priests are empowered with the skill and shrewdness of their patron deity. Thus, they begin to understand the suffering and sorrow that Vaul had undergone in order to protect the Elves. With this knowledge and wisdom, these priests can harness the Winds of Magic which they use to create enchanted weapons of incredible potency for the High Elves in the defence of Ulthuan.[1]

The great shrine of Vaul resides at the tail of the Dragon Spine where it is tended by these blind priests where they forge weapons of great power along with devices infinite cunning for the Elf Lords.[1]


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