Order of the Black Rose

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Knight of the Order

The Order of the Black Rose is a Order of knights that serve as bodyguard to the Elector Count of Talabecland. [1a]

Maintained by the state, their numbers are kept at one hundred. [1a]


The hundred knights charged a thousand strong pike phalanx at the Battle of Guildfried Field who broke and ran as they came at them at full tilt. [1a]

As Countess and later self-proclaimed Empress, Ottilia I led them in battle and they played a pivotal role at the Battle of the Talabec in 1360 IC (Imperial Calendar).[1a]


Their armour is stained black except for their gauntlets which are red, symbolising the blood of their enemies whilst their heavy horse barding has many designs of Morr. A rose and thorn design is emblazoned on their shields


From over the brow of the hill came the Order of the Black Rose, heading straight for our pike wall. We couldn't believe it. Cavalry charging pikes from the front was suicide, but they were at full tilt, with lances lowered. I have never been so afraid. It was like facing metal-clad gods, not an inch of flesh was visible. Well we dropped our pikes and scattered. Who wouldn't? ~ Unamed soldier.[1a]