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Orsini Sardus is a Wizard that serves the city of Vedenza in Tilea. [1a]

In service to the ruling Council of Tears, he has been assassin, emissary, explorer, merchant, saboteur and spy. [1a]


He spent several weeks in the Scalded Delta at the tip of the Dark Lands tracking a Mourngul with a band of Mercenary Ogres and although a dozen of the ogres were devoured, he finally managed to bind it with a Scroll of Kadon. [1a]

In the year 103 of the Second Republic there was a large disturbance in the Winds of Magic which tore across the Tilean Sea, awakening many great beasts and powerful creatures who plagued land, sea and air of Tilea. As the other cities saw these as portents of doom, the city of Vedenza saw opportunity and used the three Scrolls of Binding held in the Red Vault to prepare. [1a]

But first they had to deal with an attack by their neighbour, the kingdom of Larhgoz who under their mage-king Vidar sought to conquer Vedenza, with his own land beset by famine. A large force of knights, both Tilean and Estalian were joined by tercio regiments of veterans and bandits as well as darker forces including a forbidden sect of Morr, the Mortiara and the Strega of the Bone Hills. [1a]

They were met on the coastal plain to the north west of the city by mercenary regiments from Sartosa and Tobaro as well as the cities own Republican Guard and artillery. Although the battle initially went well with large numbers of knights killed by missile fire, they reached the battle line of Vedenza and a brutal battle ensued with the victory for either side hanging in the balance. However the enemy were finally destroyed by a combination of Tazadis riding a Manticore and leading a dozen flocks of Harpies and Orsini himself on his Galleon, and who alongside its cannons had also brought the Merwyrm Silak. [1a]

However even as they counted the cost of the victory, the Skaven arose from dark caves and began ravaging the lands north of the city, killing or enslaving all who lived between the mountains and the sea including the Estalian knights who had survived the battle and were retreating north. Assassins in the city itself sought its leaders, stabbing Tazadis to death on the steps of the citadel although Orsini slaughtered the one who came for him. [1a]

The Council of Tears determined that to prevent their home being overwhelmed by the Skaven they needed to slay the Grey Seer that led them and that it was likely laired in the Isle of Grief to the south, where a ancient dark monolith, long shunned could be found. [1a]

Battle of the Howling Abyss

Eight days after the defeat of Larhgoz, a force departed the city on a dozen shallow-drafted galleys, guarded by the vast bulk of Silak and all but one ship arrived at the Isle. Immediately they were attacked by half alive Skaven warships but these were swept aside and the Vedenzian force headed for a vast sea cavern, the Howling Abyss. A temple had been built there, even before the time of the Elves with a strange monolith at its heart. [1a]

Orsini had brought the captive Mourngul, but as it was brought forth, he nearly succumbed to it before the Warpfire Dragon and ally of the city known only as She arrived to assist the assault, hungry for the Warpstone that the Skaven would hold and the attack began. As the battle raged it became clear that it was no mere Grey Seer that led the Skaven but a Vermin Lord and the Dragon and the Deamon clashed as all around them men and skaven died in droves. Although gravely wounded, the Dragon managed to use the last Binding scroll to summon a dozen Shugon - the Trolls of the deep sea who tore the Vermin Lord apart. [1a]

The few surviving humans retreated to their ship, but the Dragon coiled around the great warpstone monolith, wounded but triumphant, bathing in its radiance. The skaven retreated from the mainland and Vedenza began to be noted as a rising power by the other older city-states of Tilea. [1a]

Following the battle, he wrote a sealed account of the conflict for the Council of Tears, with orders that any without appropriate authority who read it be broken and blinded. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

He has bound the Merwyrm Silak to his and the cities service and also has own galleon, the The Pride of Zora. Orsini is able to create Scrolls of Binding. [1a]


Such works of binding have I, Orsini Sardu, created, although flawed and petty in comparision I confess to the ancient work of Kadon's hands, and know of others, both human and inhuman who have done the same and more.

~ Orsini Sardu. [1a]


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