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Osanus the Stormwolf is the Knight-Heraldor of the Bullhearts, a Warrior-Chamber of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost. [1a]

Khela Sango noted that although he was primitive and prone to singing bellicose sagas of his people - despite frequent requests not to, his faith was unshakeable to a degree that put even other members of his Chamber to shame. [1a]


A distinctly hairy individual, his teeth are carved with holy runes and filed sharp, whilst more runes of faith decorate his brow and cheeks. [1a]


As a mortal he had lived as part of the Vurm-tai nomads that roam the Amber Steppes of the Realm of Ghur. [1a]

During the reclaimation of Caddow, he travelled with Ramus to Nagashizzar in search of Tarsus Bull-Heart - finding many warriors of Chaos in their path, Osanus drew them to him with blasts of his horn and songs of war and jubilation, allowing the small force to slip through the lines. [1b]


Hark, I have come. Mine brother and sister in storm, yes! I come and we go, yes? Yes! We go as the storm, with much lightning and thunder. Zig-mah-HAI!'.[1a]