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The Ossiarch Bonereapers are brand-new form of unlife, purpose-built for war and to fulfil the vision of Nagash to create a perfect, endless army to conquer every landmass which will be known as the Necrotopia. [1]

The Mortarch Orpheon Katakros and his chief lieutenant, Arch-Kavalos Zandtos lead the Ossiarch legions composed of immortal, inviolable and incredibly potent bodies constructed from bone and each inhabited by dozens or even hundreds of mortal souls. [1]


They were kept hidden during the Age of Chaos and only in the Age of Sigmar, following the Necroquake have they set out to fulfil their masters plans. [1]


The forms of the Ossiarch Bonereapers are created by the Mortisan craftsmen using the bones collected from the Tithe of Bones but unlike most Necromancers who simply imbue it with unlife wherever it lies via the use of Shyishan energy, the Mortisons process the material extensively, for though bone has a natural resonance with amethyst magic it is brittle and porous. Instead they mould it through arcane means into sculpted new shapes that are harder, denser and more suited to war. The spirit that animates an Ossiarch Bonereaper is also manufactured using the souls of their enemies. Souls collected are rendered and blended with elements of others to create an animus tailored specifically to the role of the construct within which it is to be interred.[4a]

The new souls are placed crystals of vitrified grave-sand embedded their ossified forms. The only way to permanently destroy a Ossiarch is to shatter this gem, a task easier said than done as the stones were wrought by the most powerful necromantic magic.[4c]

The Tithe of Bone

A legion will first approach a settlement of the living with diplomacy, their Mortisans presenting the following offer – tithe your bones, or face total annihilation and be the harvest. Some civilisations plunder their graveyards for a appropriate tithe, while some even offer the limbs of their own citizens! For the most part, the tithe, although cruel can be maintained and the Ossiarchs will therefore return time and time again and claim their bone tax. Sometimes, such vast spans of time may pass between their visits that the Ossiarchs return and ask for their bone in ancient dialects now unfamiliar to a land’s inhabitants. [1]

In general, the Ossiarchs do not wish to slaughter wantonly, seeing the living as cattle - in some ways similar to the lords and ladies of the Soulblight empires. Yet there are exceptions, such as the Stalliarch Lords they being known to issue impossible terms, such as requiring the exact records of the condition of every single bone kept in the city – including those currently residing within its citizen! Those that fail are then targets for destruction. [1]

If they are resisted, or they are provided with poor or inadequate tithes, the offenders are attacked, slain and their bloody remains left to flap and flutter on the heads of long spears to act as a warning. [1]

As they expand, they follow the principles laid down in the Principia Necrotopia, guidelines that ensure optimal construction. In the first phase of colonising a new region, the Bonereapers establish tithing sites which they fortify with small defences before constructing Mortisan workshops to fuel the next stage of their expansion. These will eventually grow into vast and imposing fortresses, expanding as the Bonereapers’ numbers grow to eventually resemble Nagashizzar itself,. [3]

Society structure

Ossiarch Empire

Although they can be found across the Mortal Realms, the central stronghold of the Bonereapers is the Ossiarch Empire located adjacent to the Prime Innerlands of the Realm of Shyish across which they have begun to expand. This location, near to the Shyish Nadir allows them easy access to its vast magical power and means that they provide a permanent garrison around this valuable territory. The lands of the empire is dotted with fortresses and Ossiarch Necropolises[3][4b][4d]

The Ossiarch Empire has a large navy containing ships grown from processed bone-matter but for the empire to function at maximum efficiency they have developed the art of crafting wide structures of porous osseous matter that float. Grown one by one and linked through the magic of the Mortisans they connect landmasses across vast oceans.[4b]


All Bonereapers are, based on the souls from which they’re formed, moulded for a specific purpose codified through a caste system with Nagash at the summit. The Ossiarch's are not just warriors, there are also crafters, like the Ossifact, and preachers, such as the Priad caste. The only movement between castes is downwards, as a punishment for failure. A Liege Kavalos who fails in their role may be remade as a Kavalos Deathrider, or even transformed into a mere steed if he has truly disappointed the Great Necromancer. [3]

Known Legions

  • Crematorians: Unlike other Ossiarch legions, they are not built to last but rather each detonates when destroyed in a shower of flaming bone. [2]
  • Ivory Host: Although they appear as both magnificent and noble in aspect, this hides a dark secret as they forged from bestial bones and in battle often give in to a brutal animal rage, tearing, clawing and hacking at their enemies. [1]
  • Mortis Praetorians: Orpheon Katakros disciplined and effective personal army. [2]
  • Null Myriad: Created from some of the millions of skeletons that helped construct the Black Pyramid, they have incredibly resilient to magic. [1]
  • Petrifex Elite: A nomadic force,[2] single-minded and almost indestructible they are forged from fossils, but this does make them ponderous. [1]
  • Stalliarch Lords: Known to set impossible terms as an excuse to destroy empires of the living. [1]


Ossiarch Bonereapers
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