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Ostermark lies above Stirland (upper left corner).

The League of Ostermark[1a][2] is a province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Ostagoths [3][4].


Because of its location near Sylvania and the fact that it is usually one of the hardest hit provinces during Chaos incursions, Ostermarkers seem to have an obsession with death compared to the inhabitants of other provinces.[1b]

The current Elector Count of Ostermark is Wolfram Hertwig [5b][7a].


The main symbol of Ostermark is a crowned red Manticore with a sword, and its colours are purple and yellow, or alternatively purple and white[2][5a][5c][6a]. However, because purple is a hard dye to produce and Ostermark is a relatively poor province, the shade can vary greatly between regiments.[2]

Another common symbol on Ostermark banners is a cavalryman stabbing a daemon with a spear.[2]


Around -4 IC, the Ostagoths were attacked by a vast horde of Orcs & Goblins, sacking settlements and slaughtering all with the forces that King Adelhard mustered simply swept aside by the greemskins. Rallying all he could muster he dispatched Galin Veneva and all the remaining non-combatants to seek shelter with and aid from King Sigmar and the Unberogens. [10a]

The original captial of the Province was destroyed at the dawn of the new millenium in 1999 IC. [1a]

Known features

  • Bechafen [5d][6b][7b][8a]: Ostermark's capital.
  • Bleak Moors: Dominating the centre of the province and including the Erie Downs, they are thiny populated with mainly isolated sheep farms and small villages. [1a]
    • Erie Downs: Close to the border with Sylvania they were the site of a futile battle against the Vampire Counts and the souls of those slain and cursed by the undead still linger, seeking to trick travellers so they can steal their bodies to live again. [1a]
  • Dead Wood: Southern forested area with a dangerous reputation since the doom that struck Mordheim. [1a]
  • Essen[9][1c]: Considered the most haunted town in the Empire
  • Fortenhaf[1c]: An important border town
  • Heffengen[1c]
  • Mordheim [5d][7b][8a]: Ostermark's former capital, struck by a warpstone comet in 2000 IC[7c][8b]. The abandoned town was later burned to the ground by Magnus the Pious.
  • Veldt: Large area of grassland in the northeast between Gryphon's Woods and the Worlds Edge Mountains and where Ostermarkers raise famous herds of horses famed for their strength and size. [1a]


The Province exports both lumber and riverboats - these are often built where the trees are harvested but Bechafen and Fortenhaf build rivercraft that are considered the best in the Empire. [1a]


Ostermark is like a miniature of the Empire, a league of free and independant towns relying on each other for mutual security. We have to - no one else in the Empire cares a fig about us.

~ Wolfram Hertwig.[1a]




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