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Ostermark lies above Stirland (upper left corner).

The League of Ostermark[1a][2] is a province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Ostagoths [3][4].


Because of its location near Sylvania and the fact that it is usually one of the hardest hit provinces during Chaos incursions, Ostermarkers seem to have an obsession with death compared to the inhabitants of other provinces.[1b]

The current Elector Count of Ostermark is Wolfram Hertwig [5b][7a].


The main symbol of Ostermark is a crowned red Manticore with a sword, and its colours are purple and yellow, or alternatively purple and white[2][5a][5c][6a]. However, because purple is a hard dye to produce and Ostermark is a relatively poor province, the shade can vary greatly between regiments.[2]

Another common symbol on Ostermark banners is a cavalryman stabbing a daemon with a spear.[2]

Known features

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