Ostland Black Guard

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members of the Guard

The Ostland Black Guard are a renowned Greatswords regiment from Ostland in the Empire. [1a]

The Guards are stationed in Wolfenburg in their home province and fully maintained at 500 men at the states expense. [1a]


They fought at the Battle of Hel Fenn protecting both flanks of the main army from huge undead hordes, using their skill to dismember the zombies and skeletions to render them combat ineffective. Many died at the battle and all, living or dead were awarded the Stirland Order of the Thorny Rose for the regiments exploits. [1a]


Recruitment and Training

Potential soldiers from other regiments who show promise are seconded to the Guards and assessed purely on merit having to be not only skillful with arms but also fearless in battle. Unsually in the Empire, social status or bribes are not effective in gaining access to the regiment and hence it has retained its formidable reputation in warfare. On average only 3 out of every ten men sent to them by their officers manage to pass muster after a punishing training regime. [1a]

The Guard train with a variety of blades but focuss on their Greatswords which are forged by the finest smiths in the state to be as light, supple and strong as they can, each has a bulls head moteif on the blade. A guardsman can handle the huge weapon with surprising ease, training constably to reach the required level of skill. [1a]

Weapons and Armour

They wear black laquered full plate armour and leather, wielding Greatswords as their primary weapon. Before every battle a Priest of Morr blesses each member of the regiment and all carry a pouch with two silver pieces as an offering to the god if they fall. [1a]