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Drycha Hamadreth hosting a hive of Flitterfuries

Outcasts are terrifying Sylvaneth who can only perceive the war aspect of the Spirit Song of Alarielle.[1a]

Even the sylvaneth are unsure of the origins of the outcasts, they consider that they may be a dark reflection of the other tree-folk or even tainted from Soul-Pods that grew in corrupted soil. They are however sure that they were first sighted in the Shourded Season a forgotten period of time that even the eldest Sylvaneth cannot access memories of, denied by their goddess. What is most disturbing to the sylvaneth is that do not where new outcasts come from, although they can be found in any wild place that has been twisted by malice and hate, not a few tree-folk worry that the bitterness and hate is contagious.[1a]

Drycha Hamadreth has named herself Regent of the Outcasts and even went so far as to claim that Alarielle was dead and gone and any alliances with non-sylvaneth are tenuous at best as she draws little or no distinction between orruks, gors, Stormcast or followers of Chaos.[1a]

Drycha Hamadreth

She is the regent of the Outcasts, a dark spirit who has her origins in the World-that-Was, Alarielle herself was at first reluctant to plant her barbed Soul Pod, only doing so during the darkest days of the Age of Chaos and then in the hateful chasm of Hamadrithil. The Goddess hoped that malicious sentience that dwelt in that dark place would give Drycha the strength she needed to fight the invaders of the realm and in this she was correct for Drycha is now the embodiment of Hamadrithil's malice given form.[1a]

Spite-Revenants attacking Mordants.

She moves across the Mortal Realms on a apparently random crusade against any that will face her, however some in the Royal Moot believe their is hidden plan to her rampages but Alarielle remains silent on the matter. Drycha is constantly torn between depression and rage and only reluctantly recognises her mother’s authority, Alarielle having named her an Outcast due to her frequent assaults on allies as much as enemies. In truth she sees no difference between the warriors of Chaos and humans, Orruks or Stormcast Eternals - all are invaders and enemies.[1a]


When the sylvaneth are mustered to war, the Spite-Revenants also answer the call and will fling themselves into battle with wanton abandon, madness churning in their eyes and their very shadows twisting unnaturally. As they go to war, Dryads sing their war songs, but the Spite-Revenants scream a nerve tearing cacophony of terror and hate.




I an Du'gath, of the Loneroot. Your presence defiles the sanctity of this enclave. These woodlands do not want you here. Their roots squirm at your passing.

~ Du'gath to Nellas the Harvester .[3]

These spirits do as they will. It is not Alarielle’s song that they hear, but a rather more primal melody, and darker by far, sung by one whose will is as tangled as the roots of this forest. You know of whom I speak

~ A spirit to Sir Roggen.[4]