Palanquin of Nurgle

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Palanquins of Nurgle are ornate, mobile throne like mounts used by Champions and Daemons of Nurgle. The Palanquins and their riders are borne into battle by a surging mound of Nurglings.

Nurgle often bestows a Palanquin upon his Champions, whose bodies have often already become so grossly bloated in Nurgle's service to reduce their movement to a ponderous gait. The rider sits casually on the Palanquin, propelled quickly by his Nurgling bearers wherever he wishes. Surrounding the Palanquin at all times is a swarm of flies which blind and confuse the enemy as they buzz into their eyes and ears.

Gaming information

After the booklet Warhammer Armies for 4th Edition of Warhammer through 6th edition there were no rules to use this device on the tabletop. Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos (7th Edition) and Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos (7th Edition) reintroduced the Palanquin as a mount for a Herald of Nurgle as well as Exalted Champions/Chaos Lords with the Mark of Nurgle.

Old miniatures or scratch-built models of the Palanquin are still fielded by some gamers (even in Grand Tournaments), who use them to resemble Chaos Chariots or a Chariot of Nurgle. Coincidental with the release of Daemons of Chaos a miniature for Epidemius was released which included a palanquin carried by Nurglings.


Palanquin of Nurgle (Bronze, Golden Demon 2007 Atlanta)
A Palanquin of Nurgle mount for a Chaos Sorceror.1