Pergus Brightshield

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Pergus Brightshield is a Lord-Celestant of the Hammers of Sigmar.[1]

During the Realmgate Wars he and his Brightshields Strike Chamber fought hard in both the Realm of Aqshy and the Realm of Chamon, cleansing the slave pits of Yar Deep, breaking the Bloodbrass Gates and on the Goresoul Shores destroying the Balefeyr Lighthouse.[1]

After the Stormcast had taken the stronghold of Celestrium in the Realm of Hysh, his chamber was tasked with securing The Growling Gates, six Realmgates that were linked to the Celestrium gate via the ancient central gate at the Gorelight Gatefort. All of these gates lay within the expanse of the Beastfens in the Realm of Ghur and Pergus sought to strike all of the gates at once.[1]

Sadly for him, the Ironjawz under Gordrakk had already crushed the chaos forces and his weirdnobs had warned him about the forthcoming attack by the Stormcast. Hard fighting ensued and it seemed the Brightshields would carry the day, but it was all a trap by the Ironjawz magaboss who wanted them to open the gate to Hysh and new battlefields. Just in time, Lord-Relictor Dedric sealed the gate again, but all the Brightsheilds would fall to the orruk's.[1]

Since that battle, the Ironjawz and the Brightsheilds have fought three brutal engagements in the Carcass Kingdoms in Ghur and Pergus has warned his fellow Lord-Celestant's about the threat of the Orruk's [1]