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The Phoenicium is a city at the foot of the Arboreal Mountain in Ghyran and the first of the Seeds of Hope. During the Age of Myth it was an ancient an enigmatic ruin, haunted by strange entities and inhabited by bands of wanderers and brigands. The ruins were preserved for hundreds of years in amber from the Arboreal Mountain after a terrible disaster struck it during the first chaos invasions in the Age of Myth. The ruins would stay this way during the Age of Chaos, untouched by either Nurgle or Alarielle if not for its discovery by the Anointed of the Phoenix Temple, after being defeated by a Rotbringer host at the Dreamloss Realmgate.[1]

The Phoenixes of the Phoenix Temple did an aerial dance that turned the amber into golden mist, freeing the city for the first time in centuries. With the help of the Stormcast, the Sylvaneth and the Azyrite people, they resettled the nameless city and named it Phoenicium.[1]

The inner ruins and deep tunnels harbour many secrets bordered by veils of golden mist.[1]