Pillar of Commandments

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The Pillar of Commandments is a pillar of the purest Warpstone. It was placed in Skavenblight by the Horned Rat himself[1a][1b] in 2302 IC. It has 13 sides and each of the sides contains 13 commandments, creating a total of 169 edicts.[1c]

Their exact text is unknown, but the edicts seem to dictate the rules of Skaven society, and especially of the ruling Council of Thirteen.

Any Skaven with ambitions to become a member of the Council must touch the pillar. Most will perish immediately, but some have survived. Any survivor must then challenge an established member of the council to a fight to the death. If he manages to defeat and to kill his opponent he will take over his place.

No Skaven has defeated a member of the Council for the last 200 years.[1b]