Plague Monk

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Plague Monks are the devotees of Clan Pestilens, and are utterly dedicated to creating and spreading disease in the name of the Horned Rat.[2] In battle they are the mainstay troops of the armies of Clan Pestilens, driven by a literally religious fanaticism for sickness and plague, and the grievous corruption afflicting their bodies inures them to pain and injury.[1b]

Far beyond the knowledge of mankind, they cultivate diseases in the darkness of their underground strongholds. New plagues are unleashed upon their unknowing victims, using infected rats released into sewers beneath the cities of man, bringing new and terrible afflictions upon their victims. The results are recorded in the Liber Bubonicus, a great book also known as the Book of Woe.Needs Citation

They wear tattered, ragged hooded habits and bandages, favoring colors of sickly greens, purples and blues. These bright colors contrast horribly with the foul sores and bony growths which wrack their bodies.Needs Citation