Poisoned-Wind Mortar

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Poisoned-Wind Mortar team

The Poisoned-Wind Mortar is a form of light-artillery that allows a small team of Globadiers to lob a much larger payload of poisoned-wind globes at a much greater range than a lone globadier could ever hope to achieve. This two-Skaven team requires one of its member to strap on the mortar upon his back while a second Skaven would load the ammuntion inside the mortar itself. Additionally, with some hastily squealed directions, a team of Poisoned-Wind Mortar has the ability to fire their weapon on the go or fire indirectly at the enemy. Such a situation where hurting the enemy without risking their own lives has always been an appealing idea to any Skaven.[1]

When in combat, as the bulk of the firing apparatus can be strapped upon a crew member's back, the Weapons team can advance and catch up alongside Skaven infantry blocks, pausing momentarily to lob high-arching shots onto distant targets, before scurrying forward to keep up with the rest of the army.[1]