Poppa Chown

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Poppa Chown was the commander of the Leatherbacks, a Freeguild gun company, from the fenlands that stretched across the south of the Realm of Ghur. [1a]

He was silver-haired and twice the height of his tallest warrior, his body heavy with both fat and muscle. Although his clothes were altered to fit his massive frame they did give him a somewhat ragged aspect beneath his battered coat. He incessantly chewed a brownish herb. [1a]

He carried a rifle, half again as long as a handgun, with a long narrow barrel and a reinforced stock that he had proved was heavy enough to crush a deadwalker’s skull. He was father, master and commander, and his men loved and hated him in equal measure as patriarch and captain. [1a]

He died fighting against Pharus Thaum, as he and his soldiers defended Fort Alenstahdt at the beginning of the Soul Wars. [1a]


We go where the money is, friend. And where our creditors aren’t. Powder and shot is expensive. And we don’t like cities.

~ Poppa Chown to Commander Juvius Thrawl [1a]