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A map of the city.[1]

Praag is one of three largest cities in the land of Kislev and is also known as the Cursed City. [1a]

Praag is the most northerly of the cities of Kislev and is located on the river Lynsk, where Kislev borders the lands given over to Chaos.It is an unfortunate city: having fallen once to a Chaos incursion, it has since been regarded as cursed. [1a]


The city acts as a gathering point for the horse tribes to the north, and as such has a high Ungol population. Three times the city has attempted to secede from the control of the Tzars, and three times they failed, twice by being starved into submission by trade embargoes from the south and once by military conquest. It is now ruled by a Gospodar governor responsible only to the Tzarina herself.[1a]

Praag has suffered several sieges in its history. Not all these sieges have been withstood, and several years ago it finally fell to the forces of Chaos. Amid a destroying storm of Chaos which had swept through the city, the servants of Chaos entered, slaying women and children. The city's grandeur melted into a nightmarish travesty.[1a] As always, the tides of Chaos receded, but the city had become the foulest of nightmares. Molten glass flowed, rows of houses melted into caverns and all manner of new shapes. Even the living had been reformed so that living flesh became jumbled with the stone of the houses. Those who had escaped the fall of Praag returned to find the city had been utterly corrupted.

King Zoltan of Praag ordered the city burned to the ground, so that the foulness would be cleansed. A new city was built whose stone walls stood as strong as those of Kislev. Soon however, the terrors of the old city began to grow back, polluting the new buildings. The nightmarish reality steadily returned, until faces appeared in the walls and grasping hands arose from the pavement.

Only through vigilant burning and rebuilding is any sanity retained. The reputation of Praag is grim, and travellers tell sickening tales of its horrors.

A later Chaos invasion was halted in the streets of Praag when its warlord, Arek Daemonclaw, was slain by Gotrek Gurnisson.[2]



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