Prieni Blaze-Eyed

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Prieni Blaze-Eyed is a Knight-Incantor of the Sempiternals, a Sacrosanct-Chamber of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost. [1a]


Prieni is known as a hunter of Vampire Lords having studied vast amounts of necromantic lore and amassing a vast library of scrolls and illuminated tomes. This has proved a powerful asset, as when she defeated the deadwalker armies of the vampire lord Ceremnos, defending the people of the Zanith Vales. However it was also something that the Changeling exploited, disguising itself as a Aelf scribe to enter to Grand Necropolis of Lethis. It would destory a number of irreplacable books before she discovered and banished it.[1a]