Priory of the Spear

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The Priory of the Spear is a elite order of Myrmidian Vampire hunters founded by Prince Giovanni Lanfranchi[1a]


In the 15th century IC (Imperial Calendar) Lanfanco mistakenly landed a crusading army on the northern coast of Nehekhara and plundered the ancient tombs in the city of Zandri, obtaining vast amounts of gold as well as scrolls dating back to time of Nagash. Returning home, the prince translated the scrolls with the aid of the Priest of Morr Anton Aethelbert. Disturbed by their contents he used his enhanced fortunes to establish the order founding their headquarters in his home town of Monte Negro. [1a]

A second base was built near the village of Siegfriedhof in Stirland near Sylvania, where Aethelbert believed Vashanesh was hiding. The order was ruthless and efficient in pursuit of the descendants of Nagash, murdering any druid, Strigany, or Arabyan migrant who might be conected with the Great Necromancer. [1a]

On the death of the prince, the Priory had gained considerable notoriety with Anton Aethelbert becoming a saint and the commander of the fortress in Siegfriedhof. There he implemented a reformation under the guidance of the Fellowship of the Shroud, converting the fortress to a abbey, and the order’s charter was officially re-written to emphasise a defensive role. [1a]