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Bearing a twin-tailed comet on their left shoulder[1c], the Angelos conclaves are made up of first-strike units. They use their superior mobility for many purposes, including scouting, harassing tactics, and swift reinforcement where needed.[1a][1b]


Prosecutors are the winged angels of the Warrior-Chambers of the Stormcast Eternals, heralding Sigmar's vengeance on their blade-wings of purest light. They can wield a wild variety of magical weapons into battle, like two Celestial Hammers, a Celestial Hammer with a Sigmarite Shield, a Stormcall Javelin with a Sigmarite Shield, a Stormsurge Trident, a Grandblade, a Grandaxe or a Grandhammer. The Celestial Hammer can be summoned to their hands and hurled at enemies with meteoric force.[5][2a][2b][3][4]

Prosecutors-Primes are the leaders of the units of prosecutors, their rank made evident by their more intricate helms, leonine pauldrons and enhanced weapons.[5][2][3]


Vanguard-Hunters are battle hardened veterans, most of whom having being granted the honour of ranger on their second reforging that plays the role of elite infantry of the Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers. They are much more tactically flexible than the swift Palladors or Raptor marksmen and are experts in utilising the terrain to their advantage. Instead of stealth they rely on daring raids and guerilla Warfare that forces them to be constantly on the move. [7]

Vanguard-Hunters spend more time that other rangers in a theatre of war to build up an intimate knowledge about their environment but what greatly elevates them above other scouts is the Astral Compass. This strange contraption was created by the Collegiate Arcane to allow the bearer to safely navigate the impossible geometries of the Mortal Realms and enables them to attack the enemy from unexpected directions. This even allows them to penetraye the strongholds of Tzeentch Arcanites which normally protected by their unfathomable design. Their weapons are also well suited for their role with heavy-bladed swords and short-hafted that can cut through both dense terrain and enemies while the boltstorm pistols allow them to unleash a volley from crackling arrows on the move[1][2]


Vanguard-Palladors charging into a Nurglite horde.

Vanguard-Palladors ride upon Gryph-chargers that ride magical winds allowing them to appear as if from nowhere to tear the heart from the enemy battle line only to vanish once more before the foe can retaliate. It is this aspect of these creatures, combined with their hatred of Chaos, that makes the beasts such sought-after mounts.[1]

Battles beyond counting have been won when all seemed lost by the sudden arrival of a host of Vanguard-Palladors. They are lightning-fast shock cavalry able to traverse entire battlefields in the blink of an eye and can react to the ebb and flow of war faster than even the Extremis Chambers. The Gryph-chargers tear at their prey with beak and claw, their blows able to pierce even armour plate, whilst their Stormcast riders level pinpoint attacks with boltstorm pistols and starstrike javelins and then move to seek fresh quarry before the bodies of their previous victims even fall to the ground.[1][7]