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Pygmy Shaman

The Pygmy tribes that inhabit the jungles of Lustria are descendants of an alien race stranded on the world.[2a]


They are short, rarely reaching more than 5 feet in height but are powerfully built with copper coloured skin and black hair. [4]


At times of war they decorate their bodies with tribal markings and war-paint and also favour a variety of piercings including ear-plates, lip and nose bones. Filed teeth and ritual scaring are considered highly attractive in their culture whilst huts are often decorated by the shrunken heads of defeated enemies.[1a][4]


Tens of thousands of years ago, their ancestors visited the world aboard their spacecraft but when it crashed and proved to be beyond repair, they were forced to adapt to their new home. [2a]

Although they had always recycled their dead, the decendants began to hunt each other as prey, developing powerful poisons to paralyse them for consumption. [2a]

After the arrival of the Norse in Lustria, their numbers declined due to bounty scalping by the invaders and disease. [4]

In 1847 IC, Prince Rodrik was assisted in his initial escape from Xlanhuapec in Lustria by several Wiaimen - short, copper skinned natives despite him considering them Disgusting little commoners. [3a]


They have their own language but some have learnt to speak Norse or Old Worlder at trading posts. [4]


There are only two major deities, Beesbok and Brobat who are said to have murdered and devoured the other eleven gods. Priests of the two (known as Witchdoctors or Shamans) are always male twins - female twins being consumed as special guests of honour at a great feast before they reach the age of fifteen. Each of the Witchdoctors pretends that the other priest does not exist! [2a]

Ancestor spirits, usually male, can manifest and can be either hostile or benign. [2a]


The tribes favour using blowpipes with poisoned darts, [1a] as well as flint daggers, fire-hardened wood javelins and throwing clubs. [2a]



In WFB 3rd Edition they paid tribute to the Slann Empire in the from of warriors providing expert hunters, jungle fighters and trackers. [1a]


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