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Quatl, the Claw of Tlaxtlan is a Saurus Hero and General of Tlaxtlan. [1b]

His totem god is Sotek. [1c]


He has fought often against Dark Elf raiders and the undead of the Vampire Coast, slaying the Vampire Decos at the Battle of the Pyramids. [1d]

A Bretonnian Baron, Marcel made landfall near his home city in 2510 IC with his household and began plundering abandoned shrines and temples, even finding and looting the burial chamber of a Slann Mage-Priest. [1a] Lord Klaquixol ordered that the treasures be recovered, by force if required, dispatching Quatl with a small force and leading to conflict with the newcomers. [1b]

After performing rites he marched from Tlaxtlan, evading the Bretonnian scouts at night and reaching the fort of the invaders. He dispatched his Skinks across the moat and they killed the guards before opening the gates for Quatl and his Saurus who broke into the treasury and recovered the relics before retreating into the night. [1c]

After the alarm was raised, the Baron dispatched knights to pursue whilst he led the rest of his retainers to try and outflank the fleeing lizardmen. Quatl led his warriors through the jungle and then as dwan broke into the hamlet of Bregonne, smashing into the commoners as they tried to stall him long enough for the knights to arrive. [1c]

Weapons and Characters

He is equipped with ancient and potent relics - a testimony to the trust his lord puts in him. [1d]


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