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"And in that time of darkness,

Man became Beast,

And Beast became Man."
+++ Anon[1a] +++

"The Beastmen: they consume order and spit out Chaos in its place."

+++ Anon[1b] +++


"I looked up into the sky and there I saw my doom, lithesome yet dread. What creatures were these? How many tortures would I endure before peace was mine? A thousand wretched forms united only by a hatred that never ends. Malign and savage to the last, they brim with bitterness for the works of Man."

+++ Bestiarie Malificent[1c] +++

"Stamp and trample! Gore and crush!"

+++ Bhorgos Gorehorn, Doombull[1d] +++


"A seething, roaring, stinking mass of hair and muscle, sprinting and bounding towards us..."

+++ The Trial of Helmut Eisner[1e] +++


"We heard it first. Wailing and mewling. Growling and fading. The trees bucked and cried and I thought they tried to pull up their roots and flee from what drew near. Would that we had been so wise.

We saw its approach through the darkened eaves, now crawling in the dirt, now flapping upwards, as if it could not decide if it was a snake or a sparrow. Then it came into the moonlight and we saw it true. Did we fight? I cannot say. All I recall is clotted fur and an embracing drool. Twisting limbs. Tearing rock. Rotting metal. Melting fingers. The stench of cadavers and burning honey. My eyes screamed,, my tongue shook, my knees spewed. It ate my friends and drank my sould. It took my mind I know not where, for it is no longer here with me."
+++ Interview with sole survivor of Reikwald forest patrol (one hundred men), incarcerated in Frederheim Sanitorium.[1f] +++


"Shoot it down!

For the sake of Sigmar, reload, reload!"
+++ Last words of Gunnery Captain Udolf Herzelman[1g] +++

"You weaklings know nothing of courage. To become a man, I

had to hunt the elusive Ymir and kill it in single combat. These creatures are a hundred-feet tall and covered in piss-soaked white fur. A single swipe of its claws would cut through a hundred of your mewling warriors. But I, I, Horgred the Bloody, butchered the Ymir with nothing but my fists. I tore its massive head from its shoulders and carried it back to my village, sustaining myself on its hot blood. What... you call me a liar?’ +++Horgred the Bloody, Norse Berserker[3a] +++


"Then came one they called Gibberkin. No fouler thing have I ever witnessed."

+++ Khargar of the Tribe of the Blooded Axe[1h] +++


"Tear down their totems, befoul their colours! Kill the kings and burn the priests! Into the mud with them, break their skulls and eat their hearts!"

+++ Malagor, the Dark Omen[1i] +++

"Their walls will fall.

Their faith will fail.

Their flesh will tear.
+++ Malagor, the Dark Omen[1j] +++

"From the darking woods they come,

On cloven hoof and twisted claw

The beastmen they are called, these ones;

Less than human, yet also something more."
+++ The Strange Tale of Doctor Malfeasant[1k] +++


"If we run, they will claw us into the dirt and their hounds will gnaw the gristle from our bones.

If we surrender, they will bind and bleed us, and Minotaurs will feast on our flesh.

If we fight, they will hack and rip and bite and butcher, and they will swallow our still-beating hearts.

So many deaths. Which will we choose?"
+++ Blind Nowl, the Seer of Parravon[1l] +++


"One fell night when Morrslieb leered fat in the sky, Heinrich's body came to resemble that which festered in his soul like a rotting wound, an unhealed scar. Every beast in the village whickered and shrieked in fear that night, but Heinrich's screams were loudest of all, for Morrslieb's caress is not gentle.

Under the pallid moon his skull cracked and his eyes rolled. Hair sprouted and jaw gnashed, legs swelled, snapping and grinding and gristle-cracking loud enough to wake a corpse. New joints and muscles buckled and stung, blood-slick horns forced from black-thatched crown, toes gammed and hardened into flesh-ridged hooves. A long braying laugh tore its way from Heinrich's wattled throat as his hairy face lengthened into a biting maw, thick with teet to grind and pierece.

The-thing-that-was-once-Heinrich gathered its black blades to its thatched chest and ran, ran on bone-splintered legs into the depths of the forest.
+++ The Transformation of Heinrich Oncemann[1m] +++


"And so did the fair village of Sternburg come under the hateful, greed-filled gaze of the Beast. Intent these foul Beasts were of naught but the spilling of blood, the burning of houses and the butchery of all. Mayhap they wished to gather foodstuffs and drink, but I believe this beyond their bestial intellect. A night of terrors and tragedy it was for the people of Sternburg..."

+++ Arthus Reinhold, Scribe of the Middenheim Court[2a] +++

"Powerful was its stature, tall and curving were its horns, and filled with hatred and cunning were its eyes, glowing in the night. It lashed about with a barbed whip, the touch of which cut and tore. With a roar, it pointed, and a pack of nightmare dog-beasts turned their feral attention towards me. Alas, I wished to stand and fight, yet my cowardly steed ran, and I was carried away, borne unwillingly upon its back. Could this fell Beast have been the one behind the constant raids? I know not."

+++ Markus Renkler, noble son assigned as squire and pistolier to the house of Middenheim. Later discharged and sent home in disgrace for cowardice.[2a] +++

"You may have felled the trees. You may have built a wall. But these are the blood-grounds of the Beastmen. They will not rest until your homes are ground beneath their hooves and your chewed flesh is rotting in their guts."

+++ Oskar Rittlehof, Veteran Huntsman[1n] +++

"Really the only question is: what gets to eat you?"

+++ Oskar Rittlehof, Veteran Huntsman[1o] +++


"All around me, they are talking, whispering. Put out their eyes, pluck out their filthy tongues, still they talk, always taunting. Braying in the fields, they plot, they approach in the night, drawing always nearer. They come!"

+++ The ravings of 'Mad' Schwalz, the idiot of Sternburg.[2b] +++