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"In that dread desert, beneath the moon´s pale gaze, dead men walk. They haunt the shifting dunes of the breathless, windless night, brandish weapons of bronze in mocking challenge and bitter resentment of the life they no longer possess. And sometimes, in ghastly dry voices, like the rustling of sun-baked reeds, they whisper the one word they remember from life. The Name of the one who cursed them to their existence, more than death but less than life. They whisper the name, Nagash."

+++ From the «Book of the Dead», translated by Mannfred von Carstein +++[1]


"Please, come in and join me for dinner. I can see from the way you dress, you are a man of exquisite...taste"

+++ Isabella von Carstein +++[2]


"I say you can find out the servants of Death by their marks. No man is born so unnatural that his body does not revolt at the foul pollution of Undead blood. And by these marks can you tell them: by the fangs of the predator; for their thirst for blood and flesh is like that of a vile beast; by their porcelain white skin, cold to the touch and unnatural to the eye; by the glow of their eyes, behind which lives the terrible Hunger. These are the marks of the blackest evil. These are the marks of the Vampire"

+++ Witch Hunter von Ingeheim +++[3]


"It was a dreadful place; a land perpetually shrouded in gloom and mist, where abandoned castles glared down like hungry ogres on the dismal roads; where sullen villagers, some bearing obvious stigmata of mutation, mumbled dark warnings against going abroard by night; and where, one evening, a red-eyed, pale-faced nobleman studiedus hungrily through the curtained window of his night-black coach, for all the world like a Bretonnian epicure inspecting his next meal.

At the sight of him an awful premonition ran through my mind, that we would come to terrible harm on our journey. I mentioned my forebodings to my companion but he, as ever, insisted on mocking my premonitions of disaster, and then went on to make his usual disparaging remarks concerning the hardihood of the entire race of Man. I take no pleasure in stating that subsequent events were to prove my worst fears well-founded. Of all the awful lands that I had then journeyed through, I have no hesitation in saying that Sylvania was easily the most dire."
+++ From My Travels With Gotrek, Vol IV, By Felix Jaeger. Altdorf Press, 2505. +++[4]


"We are tools, Neferata. You call us sisters, but we are but pieces on your game-board. You collect us and hoard us, and sometimes you spend us. Sometimes you spend us for ambition. Other times, it is for spite.

And we love you for it, because we cannot help but to do so. You unmake us as easily as Nagash's crown threatened to unmake you, and remake us in your image."
~ Naaima to Neferata on the Lahmian Sisterhood.[1]


"By all means, try and stop 'em. I won't stand in your way. Beat them back, chop them down, hold the line, carry the day. Cover yourself in glory, or in guts, it makes no difference to me. Or to the dead, for that matter. You're just postponing the inevitable, lad. Mark my words, they'll get us all in the end."

+++ Black Ruprecht, veteran of the Vampire Wars, on fighting the undead +++[5]


"Awake O Dead, for there can be no rest for ye beneath the earth. Let the splintered bones burrow from the grave pall. Let cold fingers grip time-worn blades, and unseeing eyes survey the fields of slaughter. For your time has come once more. And the dead shall walk."

+++ expected motto of the Sylvania Press +++[6]


"Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death."

+++ Count Vlad von Carstein +++[7]