Realm of Ghur

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The Realm of Ghur, also known as the Realm of Beasts, is one of the eight Mortal Realms. A realm of untamed savagery where only the strongest can hope to survive.[1a][8e]


Age of Myth

  • Flooding drives the Great Worms out of the cavernous depths beneath the Amber Steppes of Ghur and they begin to crawl across the Steppes, devouring everything in their path.[2]
  • Sigmar found Gorkamorka trapped within the amber mass of Drakatoa, the living avalanche that ruled Ghyrria in the Realm of Beasts. With the help of Dracothion, Sigmar managed to free the greenskin god and drive back Drakatoa. Pleased to be freed and infuriated for requiring aid he attacked Dracothion, knocking him senseless in a single blow. Sigmar was moved to ire and attacked the two-headed god. The sheer destructive power of this twelve-day battle shook the Mortal Realms and created the Mountains of Maraz and the Gouge Canyons. This battle drew many beasts, as sunwyrm and shaggoth stood side-by-side agog at his fury and destructive power. Eventually the two gods grew tired, observed their ruined surroundings and the audience of monsters, and laughed. Seeing a god that could match his own battle-lust, he clasped Sigmar's hand and agreed to fight alongside him.[8b] To keep Gorkamorka and his greenskins belligerent nature in check, the God-Council sent him into the wilds of the Mortal Realms to battle monstrous beasts and other innumerable threats.[8c] During his role of monster-hunter he cleared the Ghurland plains.[8a]

Age of Sigmar

As the Age of Sigmar began, many of Ghur's bone-strewn continents were covered in ash by glowing rain.[8d]