Realm of Hysh

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The Realm of Hysh, also known as the Realm of Light, is one of the eight Mortal Realms. Hysh is a realm where reason and symmetry rule, and where purity endures the touch of Chaos. The lands of the realm are rife with symbolism and hidden meaning.[1] Before the Age of Chaos, Hysh and Ulgu, the Realm of Shadow, were known as the Mirror Realms, each said to be an opposing reflection of the other.[5]


Age of Myth

Tyrion and Teclis awoke from a long enchanted slumber in the realm of Hysh. The two brothers understood without knowing how that Hysh was theirs to shape as well as to protect and serve. Tyrion and Teclis searched the realm for their people, the aelves, but found no sign of them. In time the two encountered Sigmar and learned that aelves were unknown in the realms outside the city of Azyrheim. The two aelven deities agreed to join Sigmar's pantheon.[1]

Age of Chaos

Though Chaos engulfed all the Mortal Realms, Hysh retained some of its former purity.[1]


The Realm is divided into ten Paradises.[16]



The realm is notable as being the home to a variety of Aelvish cultures as well as some the greatest cities created by humankind in the Age of Myth.[16]

Flora and Fauna

Trade Goods

  • sun-stone: These stones absorb heat and light and can be used to provide the same. The Katophranes of Shadespire also used them in large War-Golems to produce a destructive beam of light. [18a]