Reaper of Souls (Novel)

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Reaper of Souls
Reaper of Souls cover.jpg
Author(s) Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
ISBN 1-84416-193-5
Preceded by Bloodstorm (Novel)
Followed by Warpsword (Novel)

Reaper of Souls is a novel by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee, the third in the Chronicles of Malus Darkblade series.

Cover Description

Even among the treacherous Dark Elves, Malus Darkblade stands out as a study in utter ruthlessness. When he steals a map that leads to a secret power hidden deep within the Chaos Wastes, Malus could never guess that it was a trap set by the ancient daemon Tz'arkan. His soul is now under ransom, and Darkblade has a long way to go to fulfil I his part of the bargain. His latest mission sends him to a haunted Dark Elf mausoleum in search of a foul cursed dagger that steals the souls of those it slays. What does a dark elf with no soul I have to fear?