Red Host of Tehenhauin

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The Red Host of Tehenhauin, the first Sacred Host of Sotek was an army led by Tehenhauin the Prophet of Sotek. [1b]


When the city of Chaqua was decimated by plague and disease, Tehenhauin was hailed as a hero for his actions during the time of the Rat and The Serpent. He led the survivors of Chaqua from the city and recovered the Sacred plaques of Sotek. He then went on to become known as the Prophet of Sotek and lead the armies of the Lizardmen against the Skaven of Clan Pestilens. [1b]

Much of the army was made up of Skinks, especially the unusually warlike red crested breed and the army also had the blessing of Sotek as vast swarms of snakes accompanied it. [1b]

Divine Guidance

Skink Priests in the army use the Lore of Beasts. [1b]

Magical Artefacts

The Host march beneath many banners - with the most important being the Prophercy of Sotek. [1a]

  • Sign of Sotek: A Magical banner able to inspire hatred in the god’s servants. [1b]
  • Skavenpelt Banner: A flayed skaven skin hangs on the banner pole above the regiment, its stench driving them into a killing frenzy. [1b]


  • Lotl: Saurus Warrior leader. [1a]
  • Poqenichi: Skink Chief and Bearer of the Warbanner of the Red Host. [1a]

The Red Host


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