Reliquary of Quenelles

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The Reliquary of Quenelles was one of the most sacred Bretonnian artifacts.


The reliquary is a sacred gold casket containing ancient weapons, armour and fragments of bones from Bretonnian heroes, who's names and deeds have long been lost to the mists of time. It is steeped in Bretonnian honour and enchantment, which creates an aura of sanctuary that can repel the enemies of Bretonnia. Mounted atop the Reliquary Wagon, it is hauled by hordes of pilgrims who defend themselves if attacked. The pilgrims accompanying the wagon include hordes of simple townsfolk, but also deadly Grail Damsels. These pilgrims are gripped with religious fervor and are thus all but immune to fear, dying where they stand to protect their holy artefact.

The ancient relic was eventually taken into the dark forests of Athel Loren. After the pilgrimage fought off Forest Spirits and Wood Elves, it was forevermore kept within the reclaimed Grail Chapel of Challotte, maintained by the Grail Damsel Eleanor de Quenelles and her Grail Knight guardian Agravain.


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