Renegade Crowns

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Renegade Crowns
Renegade Crowns Cover 001.jpg
Cover Artist Mark Gibbons
Released 2006
Pages 128
ISBN 978-1-84416-311-3

Renegade Crowns is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) that provides rules for creating states within the infamous Border Princes.


  • Introduction, pg. 3
  • Chapter One: Landscape of the Borderlands, pg. 4-18
  • Chapter Two: Princes of the Borderlands, pg. 19-41
  • Chapter Three: Inhabitants of the Borderlands, pg.42-55
  • Chapter Four: Hazards of the Borderlands, pg. 56-64
  • Interlude: Making Masserschloss, pg. 65-74
  • Chapter Five: General Aims, pg. 74-77
  • Chapter Six: Becoming a Prince, pg. 78-87
  • Chapter Seven: Internal Problems, pg. 88-97
  • Chapter Eight: External Problems, pg. 97-105
  • Chapter Nine: Making Trouble, pg. 106-112
  • Appendix One: Border Prince Names pg. 114-116
  • Appendix Two: Masserschloss, pg. 117 - 124
  • Appendix Three: Maps and Worksheets, pg. 125
  • Index


Aye, we've a prince. Why we've had a dozen in the just the last year! They're pop'lar in these here lands.

~Sap Reinhorf, Dirt farmer..