Death & Dishonour

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Death & Dishonour is an anthology of short stories published by Black Library and set in the Old World.


Red Snow

by Nathan Long

Accompanying a merchant's caravan from Araby returning to the Empire after many years, Gotrek and Felix encounter a snowed-in mountain village plagued by a monster.

The Assassin's Dilemma

by David Earle

A Skaven Night Runner has a problem: a warlord has tasked him to assassinate an Imperial Engineer key to a city's stubborn defence against the ratmen's assault, and promised death if he does not fulfill his mission. But the warlord's jealous Grey Seer rival has just as fervently promised death if he does.

Rest Eternal

by Anthony Reynolds

Calard's Grail Quest is interrupted by a self-imposed mission to free a village from the attacks of a Wyvern, which seems to reincarnate after each defeat.

The Miracle at Berlau

Warrior Priest Jakob Wolff returns to the ruin of his hometown, searching for the Witch Hunter who condemned Wolff's parents to death.

Noblesse Oblige

by Robert Earl

Florin and Lorenzo, selling grain to a starving Imperial town whose stores are being poisoned by Skaven agents, get drawn into a feud between an elderly noble and a greedy merchant, feuding for the position of the town's Provost Marshal, and the hand of a certain irresistible lady.

The Last Ride of Heiner Rothstein

by Ross O'Brien

Broken Blood

by Paul Kearney

The Judgement of Crows

by Chris Wraight

A wizard of the Amethyst Order travels to a small Imperial village under siege from a plague of the undead.


by C.L. Werner

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